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Welcome to Mbogo Valley Tea

Mbogo Valley Tea Factory is a licensed Black Tea Manufacturer, Packer and Exporter in Kenya. We have an extensive knowledge and experience in tea production, manufacturing and Tea trade both locally and internationally. This serves as a guarantee of production of high quality.

  • Efficient Shipping and Logistics to worldwide destinations

Happy Farmers & Counting
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Who We Are

Innovatively and efficiently manufacture and sell high quality tea, promote development of tea Industry in Kenya.

To produce high quality Kenyan black tea for local and global consumption.

  • Customer Focused
  • Team Work
  • Equal Opportunity Employment
  • Innovation

Our Primary Tea Grades

Broken Pekoe 1 (BP1)
Dust 1 (D1)
Pekeo Fanning 1 (PF1)
Pekoe Dust (PD)

Meet Our Team

Caleb Matutu
Caleb MatutuFactory Manager
Passionate and talented in the field of strategic management for steady growth of the company
Evans KorirChief Clerk
Highly skilled in leadership and mentoring position to drive workforce
Haron RonohFactory Accountant
Overall financial record manager who forecasts and oversees all monetary transactions of the organization

Our Patners