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Mbogo Valley: Kenya’s #1 Top upcoming Tea Brand

With over 10,000+ Happy Farmers and counting, Mbogo Valley Tea is instilled with the taste of high quality on the market.

All About Mbogo Valley Tea

If you have ever tasted tea, you already know an expert is not needed to prove its quality. Mbogo Valley Tea is for you. It’s simply processed for everyone, and can be prepared easily. We truly care about our consumers & end product which is why our customers Love Mbogo Valley Tea! You will too enjoy the aroma & the rich taste of our incredible tea. Mbogo Valley Tea includes all these in one product. Our consumers are able to enjoy this amazing refreshing taste other industries are not able to achieve. It doesn’t get better than this.

  • Compliance in Quality & Safety

  • Rainforest Alliance Certified

  • Observe High Standards of Health & Safety

  • Produce High Quality Black Tea

  • Packaging done Professionally

And thats not All!

We Have Over 20,000 Customers Worldwide, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

We love our customers & farmers and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering quality products and outstanding after sale support!

I bought this one day in the supermarket and i would like to recommend it to every one who take tea. One thing you be greeted by on the first sip is the rich aroma. I will say it in French “Bravo” definitely one of the best tea out there!

Stanley Kipkirui, SABS Mining and Constructions Ltd

Mbogo Valley Tea is simply Splendid! One sip and it will change your whole perception of great tea. This is far from being just a good cup of tea, its Great Tea Redefined!

Vincent Langat, Kipchimchim Enterprises

I think I just found my prefered tea brand. Something about this tea is different from the other popular brands. Beats all of them for sure. Easiest choice ever made!!!

Patrick Chirchir, Afintech Systems & Solutions Ltd.

Our Pillars of Success

There are plenty of principles that determine an organization’s success in business. Ours is no different and it comes down to 4 guiding pillars that have seen us through since inception. We pride ourselves for upholding these principles and they are as follows:

  • Good Community Relations

  • Involvement in Community Projects

  • Conservation of our Environment

  • Preservation of Wild Life

Our Products

Mbogo Valley Tea is the industry's redifined version of great tea

Professionally packed and sealed, to maintain healthy and safety for all our consumers.
Our Products